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Pairing rigorous research with community-driven development, the DTHF is making a substantial contribution to service delivery and public health policy relating to HIV, tuberculosis and related infections in South Africa.

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HIV weekly news update in partnership with MedicalBrief

  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 230 – HIV News 15 November 2018

    HIV transmission during breastfeeding

    Although HIV treatment reduces the risk of transmission during breastfeeding, this risk is not zero. Latest results presented at AIDS 2018 reported that 2/8 cases when transmission occurred form breastfeeding were in women whose most recent viral load was <40 copies/mL.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 230 – HIV News 15 November 2018

    Dolutegravir plus darunavir maintains viral suppression without NRTIs

    A dual antiretroviral regimen containing dolutegravir and boosted darunavir maintains viral suppression in most people who switch from a suppressive three-drug regimen.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 230 – HIV News 15 November 2018

    High prevalence of hypertension among South Africans starting ART

    There is a high prevalence of hypertension among HIV-positive people starting ART in SA.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 230 – HIV News 15 November 2018

    Early HIV treatment reduces risk of liver fibrosis

    Early antiretroviral therapy (ART) reduces the risk of liver fibrosis progression in people living with HIV, including in people who do not have co-infection with viral hepatitis, according to the results of the SMART study.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 228 – HIV News 01 November 2018

    PrEP ‘safe and effective for widespread use’

    Research presented at the HIV Drug Therapy Conference in Glasgow shows that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) could be given to millions of people worldwide with no increased risk of safety issues during treatment.
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Our Research


Commemorating Professor Bongani Mayosi

30 July 2018 Commemorating Professor Bongani Mayosi South Africa has lost a great physician. Professor Bongani Mayosi was an eminent cardiologist …
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IAS-Lancet Commission Report

Lancet Commission Report”This week, we publish a new International AIDS Society (IAS)–Lancet Commission report: Advancing global health and strengthening the HIV …
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Demand Creation Challenge Winners Announced

The Insight to Impact: Demand Creation Challenge was dedicated to awarding innovative, disruptive, and compelling HIV prevention communications campaigns. Campaigns …
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Adolescent Youth Health Policy Short Course

We are excited to announce we are running the Adolescent Youth Health Policy Short Course for the SECOND YEAR. The …
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Our Projects

Desmond Tutu HIV Centre: Postgraduate Diploma in TB-HIV Medicine

Overview The Desmond Tutu HIV Centre and the University of Cape Town are proud to present the first online postgraduate …
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The Tutu Tester

HIV and TB are managed successfully in many countries around the world. Yet, millions of people are still missing care. …
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Adult HIV Educational Programme

Order a Manual Free Online Manual The aim of the HIV education programme is to improve the care of men …
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Youth Centre
Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre complex in Masiphumelele was built in response to requests from the community for a safe, recreational space for young people. DTHF surveys record a high prevalence of HIV infection among youth in the community.

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