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Pairing rigorous research with community-driven development, the DTHF is making a substantial contribution to service delivery and public health policy relating to HIV, tuberculosis and related infections in South Africa.

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HIV weekly news update in partnership with MedicalBrief

  • Medicalbrief Issue No 0129 - HIV News 20 October 2016

    Crohn’s disease drug produces long lasting viral suppression in primate study

    In a promising experiment in rhesus macaque monkeys, scientists have used a monkey-adapted version of vedolizumab (Entyvio), a drug used to treat gut inflammation, to produce persistent viral load control and T-cell restoration in monkeys taken off ART.
  • Medicalbrief Issue No 0129 - HIV News 20 October 2016

    Less educated have poorer outcomes after starting ART

    People with HIV who have lower educational attainment have poorer outcomes after starting combination antiretroviral therapy (cART), according to data from a large European cohort collaboration.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0127 - 6 October 2016

    Risk of cervical cancer death higher for those with HIV

    Women with HIV infection have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer, but the presence of HIV also significantly increases the risk of dying of the cancer, according to findings from a study of African patients.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0127 - 6 October 2016

    ARV access helps reduce TB in Zimbabwe

    As the numbers of people accessing HIV treatment in Zimbabwe went up, the numbers of reported tuberculosis cases were cut nearly in half, found a Zimbabwe Ministry of Health analysis.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0127 - 6 October 2016

    One in 10 children appear to have a ‘primate like’ defence against AIDS

    A study has revealed for the first time that a small group of HIV-infected South African children have evolved a unique, 'primate like' immune system that protects them from developing Aids, says a Science Alert report.
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Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre complex in Masiphumelele was built in response to requests from the community for a safe, recreational space for young people. DTHF surveys record a high prevalence of HIV infection among youth in the community.

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Sensitivity Training

Key Populations Integrated Sensitivity Training Programme The Key Population Research Department leads the development of a health care worker sensitization …
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The Tutu Tester

The Tutu Tester mobile unit provides a free comprehensive health service to under serviced communities. It is in the field …
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Adult HIV Educational Programme

The manual for this distance learning course for doctors and nurses was updated in July 2015 to reflect the latest policies …
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International Girl-Child Day

Data is the first step to solving a problem. It sets the scene, uncovers the discrepancies, and reveals clear gaps …
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Obituary – Steve Lawn

It is with great sadness that we share the news with you that our friend and colleague, Professor Stephen Lawn, …
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Tuberculosis in Cape Town

Cape Town alone has more TB each year than the US, Canada, UK and Germany put together. Professor Robin Wood, …
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South Africa: Virtually There, by Bill Gates

If you could shuffle all of the homes in the world like a deck of cards so that people in …
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