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Pairing rigorous research with community-driven development, the DTHF is making a substantial contribution to service delivery and public health policy relating to HIV, tuberculosis and related infections in South Africa.

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HIV weekly news update in partnership with MedicalBrief

  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0183 – HIV News 07 December 2017

    Primary HIV drug resistance approaching and exceeding 10%

    HIV drug resistance is approaching and exceeding 10% in people living with HIV who are about to initiate or re-initiate first-line antiretroviral therapy, according to a study from University College London and the World Health Organisation.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0183 – HIV News 07 December 2017

    Difficult to eliminate HIV only with treatment

    A universal test-and-treat policy may sound like a solid route towards reducing the number of new HIV infections, but results of a major five-year trial in SA show that, in isolation, it is not.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0183 – HIV News 07 December 2017

    Immediate ART after diagnosis improves retention

    Starting antiretroviral therapy (ART) immediately following an HIV diagnosis dramatically improves retention in clinical HIV care.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0183 – HIV News 07 December 2017

    Proven HIV prevention measures reducing new infections

    A Uganda study has provided real-world evidence that implementing a combination of proven HIV prevention measures across communities can substantially reduce new HIV infections in a population.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0182 – HIV News 30 November 2017

    Three decades on, stigma still undermines HIV prevention and treatment

    There have been great strides and many important victories in the fight against HIV, writes Professor Linda-Gail Bekker in The Conversation. Nevertheless, the epidemic retains a powerful grip – especially on people in Africa.
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Our Research


Apply for the Mark Wainberg Fellowship Opportunity for Clinicians

The Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme: Experts in HIV Service Delivery is a two-year fellowship for five sub-Saharan African clinicians. This …
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Butler’s Pizza for World AIDS Day

On December 1st, World AIDS Day 2017, the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (Cape Town, South Africa) partnered with Butler’s Pizza. Butler’s pizza …
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Students at High Risk of HIV Infection Regard Themselves as ‘Safe’

In sub-Saharan Africa, adolescent girls and young women between the ages of 15-24 accounted for 25% of new HIV infections …
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Buy Butler’s Pizza and Support the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation

This World AIDS Day 2017, the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (Cape Town, South Africa) has partnered with Butler’s Pizza (website here) …
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Our Projects

Desmond Tutu HIV Centre: Postgraduate Diploma in TB-HIV Medicine

Overview The Desmond Tutu HIV Centre and the University of Cape Town are proud to present the first online postgraduate …
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The Tutu Tester

HIV and TB are managed successfully in many countries around the world. Yet, millions of people are still missing care. …
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Adult HIV Educational Programme

Order a Manual Free Online Manual The aim of the HIV education programme is to improve the care of men …
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Youth Centre
Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre complex in Masiphumelele was built in response to requests from the community for a safe, recreational space for young people. DTHF surveys record a high prevalence of HIV infection among youth in the community.

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