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Pairing rigorous research with community-driven development, the DTHF is making a substantial contribution to service delivery and public health policy relating to HIV, tuberculosis and related infections in South Africa.

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HIV weekly news update in partnership with MedicalBrief

  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0160 – HIV News 22 June 2017

    Failure to prevent new HIV infections threatens to reverse progress

    South Africa can be proud of the progress it has made in treating HIV and reducing Aids-related deaths. But its continued failure to prevent new HIV infections among young people is threatening to reverse strides achieved in the past few years, warns a report by the Joint UN Programme on HIV and Aids.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0160 – HIV News 22 June 2017

    HIV drug resistance testing not a priority for low-income settings

    Resistance testing is unlikely to improve the effectiveness of second-line HIV treatment in resource-limited settings and the introduction of routine HIV drug resistance testing is not a high priority, investigators in a large international study have concluded.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0160 – HIV News 22 June 2017

    Immediate point-of-care CD4 count doubles rate of linkage to HIV care

    Carrying out a point-of-care CD4 count immediately after a person was diagnosed with HIV by home-based testing doubled the rate of linkage to HIV care in a resource-limited setting, a randomised study in Kenya has shown.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0160 – HIV News 22 June 2017

    Fear prompts women to drop out of HIV treatment programmes

    A US study investigated why HIV-positive pregnant women in Malawi and Uganda might drop out of a treatment programme that would protect their infants and possibly save their lives. For many, the answer was fear.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0160 – HIV News 22 June 2017

    SA National AIDS Council LGBTI HIV plan hailed as world first

    In what has been hailed as a world first, the South African National Aids Council (SANAC) launched a national lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex (LGBTI) HIV plan on the penultimate day of the 8th South African AIDS Conference, says an IoL report.
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Our Research


PEPFAR: Oh what good you have done!

In 1982, the first case of HIV was reported in South Africa. Thereafter the unerring march of AIDS and death …
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Heart disease and living with HIV

HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was: antiretroviral therapy (ARTs) have become so sophisticated that HIV-infected people …
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How can Circumcision Prevent HIV?

Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) is currently recommended for men living in areas where HIV rates are high and prevention tools …
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Healthcare Providers Respond to Latest HIV Prevention Research

New HIV prevention technologies are researched all the time at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation. Often, scientists are concerned with …
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Our Projects

Desmond Tutu HIV Centre: Postgraduate Diploma in TB-HIV Medicine

Overview Apply online Faculty Handbook The Desmond Tutu HIV Centre and the University of Cape Town are proud to present …
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The Tutu Tester

HIV and TB are managed successfully in many countries around the world. Yet, millions of people are still missing care. …
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Adult HIV Educational Programme

Order a Manual Free Online Manual The aim of the HIV education programme is to improve the care of men …
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Youth Centre
Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre complex in Masiphumelele was built in response to requests from the community for a safe, recreational space for young people. DTHF surveys record a high prevalence of HIV infection among youth in the community.

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