Apply for the Mark Wainberg Fellowship Opportunity for Clinicians

The Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme: Experts in HIV Service Delivery is a two-year fellowship for five sub-Saharan African clinicians. This initiative is part of the IAS Educational Fund. The receivers of this initiative will spend one year in Europe and one year in Africa at clinical institutions. They will receive in-depth training on HIV clinical service delivery with the aim to improve access to high-quality services in Sub-Saharan African populations.  


This is an incredible opportunity for clinicians who are committed to providing the best quality HIV clinical care. If you or someone you know is eligible, we urge you to apply or share this opportunity.

To be eligible for the Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme, candidates should meet the requirements detailed on their website under ‘eligibility criteria’.


The IAS will be accepting applications between 18th January – 19th February 2018, however, the template application forms are currently online in English, French and Portuguese. Candidates have the opportunity to prepare their application in advance.

You can find further information on the IAS website or contact the team at