DTHF Partners with Coral Healthcare

Coral Healthcare (India & Australia) have undertaken to provide their top quality condoms to the DTHF as their commitment to being, “proactive doers in the worlds in which we function”. We eagerly look forward to the first consignment that should arrive at the end of October.

An Agreement has been signed between the DTHF and Coral Healthcare whereby Coral Healthcare condoms will reach individuals at high risk of HIV infection in the townships around Cape Town at no cost. Condoms are freely available at government clinics but young people, who are most at risk of HIV infection, find over-burdened clinics unfriendly places to test for HIV and pick up condoms.

Participants in the DTHF Women of Worth (WOW) programme will be the first beneficiaries of Coral Healthcare generosity. This programme is engaging with 10, 000 young women with the aim to reduce HIV infection, keep girls in school, and to reduce unintended pregnancies among teens. Participating schools bring together groups of young women who receive intensive training in skills to increase their autonomy, know their rights, and take responsibility for their health, especially their sexual and reproductive health. Coral Healthcare is supporting us in this endeavour. Coral Moments condoms in different colours and flavours will be distributed at some of these these sessions.

The WOW programme has the support of both Western Province Department of Education and the Western Province Department of Health and is funded by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

We thank Nikhil Daftary and the team at Coral Healthcare Victoria, Australia for reaching out to us. This is an amazing gesture of solidarity with those affected by HIV.