Medical Male Circumcision Uptake to Prevent HIV

8 May 2017

The last research meeting of April was on the subject of medical male circumcision (MMC), hosted by Nathan Beijneveld. He presented research of the acceptability and uptake of MMC in two adolescent populations in South Africa. This is a study with MACHO (Males Actively Choosing Healthy Options). The study investigated the upta...

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GeneXpert well received by adolescents

24 April 2017

The final March research presentation was hosted by Andrea Mendelsohn and Shabaana Osman. Mendelsohn presented the first portion of an ongoing research trial in Masiphumelele. They have been testing the efficacy and response of an STI (sexually transmitted infection) check in adolescents using the GeneXpert machine. So far, the results have been positive. ...

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22 April: Earth Day & the March for Science

21 April 2017

Why is there a March for Science this Saturday? 22 April marks Earth Day and the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. This was the first time a voice was given to environmental consciousness and a call to action was made to support environmentally friendly and sustainable processes. In the face of climate change deni...

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March Research Presentations

23 March 2017

At the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation’s (DTHF) March research meeting, we had the pleasure of not one, but two presentations. The speakers were the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Ms Monika Kamkuemah and the DTHF's Dr Emily Krogstad. HIV and Chronic Disease Ms Kamkuemah presented her PhD proposal where she intends to examine HIV in adolescents alongside the epidemiolo...

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Undetectable HIV is Untransmittable

13 March 2017

Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) strongly endorses the Prevention Access Campaign (PAC) core message: Undetectable HIV is Untransmittable HIV (U=U). Their message is condensed to the simple hashtag #UequalsU.   An HIV-positive person who...

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DTHF receives the Ubuntu Social Responsibility Award 2017

14 February 2017

DTHF received the UBUNTU Award for Social Responsibility at a gala event in Cape Town on 17th February.   The evening honoured the legacy of Oliver Tambo and those South Africans who have followed in his footsteps. It was attended by President Jacob Zuma and many notable dignitaries.  Tracy-Ann Finnan (Senior Finance) and Riaan Beukes (Project Leader for Zimele) graciously received t...

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Zimele Project: Launch

26 January 2017

Zimele Project: Launch This January, there was a buzz of excitement at Philippi Village as 120 new staff members arrived ready to make a difference in their community through the Zimele Project. To date, this will be the largest single project that the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation has ever taken on, and we are now excited to share the details of this project wit...

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HIV Vaccine Trial to be launched in South Africa

28 November 2016

HIV Vaccine Trial to be launched in South Africa “We’ve never treated our way out of an epidemic. There’s no doubt we have to have primary prevention alongside treatment in order to get HIV control, but we are not going to get HIV eradication without a vaccine. That is very clear.” Linda-Gail Bekker, Deputy Director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, explains the urgent need fo...

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9 Steps to an HIV Prevention Revolution in Resource-Limited Settings

3 November 2016

9 Steps: HIV Prevention Revolution in Resource-Limited Settings It’s 3 decades into the war with HIV/AIDS and so far 78 million have been infected and 39 million people have died, most in an untimely way (1). Yet an important battle has been won: antiretroviral therapy (ART) brought life-saving treatment to those infected, in both the developed and the developing world, and the number ...

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International Girl-Child Day

11 October 2016

International Girl-Child Day Data is the first step to solving a problem. It sets the scene, uncovers the discrepancies, and reveals clear gaps for foc...

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Obituary – Steve Lawn

6 October 2016

Obituary - Steve Lawn It is with great sadness that we share the news with you that our friend and colleague, Professor Stephen Lawn, of the London School of Hy...

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Tuberculosis in Cape Town

27 September 2016

Cape Town alone has more TB each year than the US, Canada, UK and Germany put together. Professor Robin Wood, a leading University of Cape Town scientist, is in search of the...

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