Laura Myers is a socio-behavioural scientist, specialising in qualitative research and health communication. She has a strong interest in improving adolescent access to health care services and is a lead researcher on the Power, Girl Power, 3P and Youth Voices studies that form part of DTHF’s adolescent research division.

Before joining DTHF, she was a Senior Researcher with the Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation (2008-2015), where she conducted a number of socio-behavioural studies on teenage pregnancy, child sexual abuse, men’s health-seeking behaviour, adolescent health, sexual violence, PMTCT, and higher education HIV response. She is highly successful in qualitative research management, facilitation and analysis. She coordinated the qualitative component of a national sero-prevalence study of South African Higher Education Institutions and contributed to the development, testing and evaluation of several successful national health communications programmes, including Intersexions, Brothers for Life, We Beat TB, Zazi, and Inside Story.

She has a Master’s degree in International Social Work from Columbia University (2004) and was a Columbia University Third Millennium Foundation Human Rights Fellow (2005-2006).

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