Millicent Atujuna is a sociologist/population scientist with a focus on issues relating to social and behavioral aspects of health. Her previous research has focused on maternal health seeking behavior, Adolescent perceived risk behavior and HIV prevention, church-based social space and HIV prevention as well as issues relating to barriers to ART uptake. Other areas in which she has been engaged in relate to ART scale up and its impact on HR in public health facilities as well as the movement of Health Workers from SA to other countries.

Currently working as a social behavioral scientist at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, Millicent’s current research interests are on understanding the macro and micro factors that drive health-seeking behavior as well as understanding how individuals negotiate such dynamics. Millicent also has a particular interest in issues relating to adolescents health and wellbeing and currently works on a Health Care Transition (HCT) project for adolescents on HAART, a project that aims to prepare adolescents for successful health care transitions.

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