Sensitivity Training

Key Populations Integrated Sensitivity Training Programme

Key Populations Integrated Sensitivity Training Programme

The Key Population Research Department leads the development of a health care worker sensitization training manual and programme focused on supporting health care workers in providing better services to not only MSM but also sex workers and people who use drugs.

The manual was developed in order to support the sensitization of health care-workers who are providing services to key populations.

In this manual we focus on men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers (SW) and people who use drugs (PWUD). These people are often stigmatized, excluded from society, and some of their behaviours may be illegal. These factors contribute to their vulnerability to HIV.

MSM, sex workers, and PWUD in Africa experience a disproportionately high burden of HIV but face multiple barriers when accessing health care. The provisional Operational Guidelines for HIV, STI, and TB Programmes for Key Populations in South Africa identify health care worker sensitization training as an essential intervention to address these barriers. Health workers sensitized around the issues affecting MSM, SW and PWUD will be empowered to appropriately engage with other key populations. Future training material and tools for other key population groups are planned. The manual was designed as part of a full sensitization training programme, but can also be used as a stand-alone resource.

To download pdfs of the manuals, click on the links below:

Key Populations Integrated Manual
People Who Inject Drugs & Other People who Use Drugs Sensitivity Training Manual
Sex Workers Sensitivity Training Manual
MSM Sensitivity Training Manual

The full training programme includes audio-visual material, mentoring, and in-person training. This programme is now being implemented by the Department of Health in South Africa nationally.