We could use your help!

Volunteers and interns are highly valued at the DTHF.   If you are interested in spending three months or more at an accredited research institution involved in widely varied studies at the cutting edge of HIV prevention, TB transmission,Youth adherence and much, much more – the DTHF is the place for you.   We welcome both local and international students and appreciate the enthusiasm, creativity and insights young people contribute to our work.


Interns usually are studying at tertiary institutions and their time with us gives valuable practical experience and broadens their knowledge of their field of choice.    They may have assignments and reports to submit to their home universities.

Volunteers are welcomed especially at our outreach sites and may be asked to capture data, assist with the adolescents in our behavioural studies, or help in running youth development programmes at our Youth Centre in Masiphumelele.

Key areas of opportunity:

  • Medical research methodology
  • Statistics and data analysis
  • Engagement with youth in local communities

What some volunteers have said about their experience:

Amma Boakye

“I remember walking into Ema and hearing the sound of laughter. I assumed a research center would be a place filled with intense people consumed by their research, but I was pleasantly surprised. Instead, Ema was where I would always be greeted with a “good morning sissy” and a smile. I immediately felt like I was a part of the Ema family.”

Amma Boakye, intern at Emavundleni Prevention Centre 2014


“Being an intern at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation has been an incredibly enriching experience. Not only have I been able to put to use my personal skills, but I am constantly learning more about the various aspects of HIV research as it applies to the Cape Town community and beyond.“

Megan Eluhu – intern Adolescent Behavioural Research project 2014

Joe Bagliere

“Volunteering at the DTHF Youth Centre is more than just helping where I can–it’s truly about being part of a family. I love it here, and it’s all because of the outstanding people I work with every day.”

Joe Bagliere – volunteer DTHF Youth Centre 2014

Contact Cape Town Intern Placements for more information and to apply.