A unique multi-dimensional health and social intervention programme for our youth aged 10-24 years.

The Zimele Project
Container Walk: Philippi Village

Zimele aims to provide healthcare services tailored for adolescent needs, coupled with strong educational support and social empowerment. Zimele will help adolescents (aged 10-24 yeas) come to terms with key life skills and equip them with the capacity to deal with puberty, impending adulthood and the use of education as a tool for success.

Now launching Women of Worth, the research component within Zimele. 10 000 women in the programme will be offered 12 empowerment sessions. We believe that an empowered woman can change her community and her future. By helping one young woman, a reaction reverberates through the whole of South Africa, creating a safer, more productive environment for everyone.

Let’s get social!